SAAM Event Info

On April 24th, 2024:

Honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month at CARE. Come visit our Community Care Neighborhood!

Join us for a special community care event organized by Campus Assault Resources and Education (CARE) in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

This event aims to bring together various campus groups and departments dedicated to supporting individuals impacted by sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH) in their journey towards holistic healing.

Hosted at Dickson Court North from 11:30am-2:30pm, visit our "neighborhood" of student organizations and UCLA resources in discovering what it means to create a healing, supportive community for survivors.

Healing Programs are Back!

Three women in hand

Standing (Em)Power: Taking Up Space

Self-Esteem is a very vital element in our mental health and well-being. Led by CARE Advocate Priscilla Gomez, this workshop will help inform survivors of how trauma can lead to low self-esteem but will also help survivors rediscover their voice, their strength, and who they are on the inside. The workshop would contain different approaches to building up self-esteem consist of: identifying strengths, stress relieving exercises, using “I” statements, practicing vocal power, talking to others, saying “no”, speaking confidently/assertively, positive affirmations, and setting SMART Goals.

Intake with a CARE Advocate is required for participation..​​​​​​

Click this link for more information.

write to heal

A W(rite) to Heal

Every survivor has a story, come write about yours! Led by CARE Advocate Claire Amabile, this four-session healing program will encourage survivors to lean into their creative side by taking pen to paper and journaling about the different session’s topics. Topics will focus on healing, resiliency, and community support. Journals, writing equipment, snacks and refreshments will be served!

Intake with a CARE Advocate is required for participation.

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Two people jumping

Discovering Joy After Trauma

Pleasure can be described as a feeling of happy satisfaction or enjoyment. Pleasure can also be a measure of freedom. Led by CARE Advocate Rebecca, Reintegrating Pleasure After Trauma is a healing program focused on providing a safe space for survivors to reintroduce joy and pleasure in their everyday lives through peer-to-peer connections, discussions, and opportunities for creative expression.

Intake with a CARE Advocate is required for participation.

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