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Healing from trauma can be a journey. The way we heal is greatly impacted by who we are as individuals, the identities we hold, our geographies, and our histories. Access to resources like therapy can be challenging for some and those people still deserve the opportunity to have space held for them and to experience community. With respect to the far-reaching and complex impact of trauma, CARE offers alternative forms of healing for survivors including yoga, journaling, music, art, and dance.

Healing programs are open to all-genders, all-ages, and all current UCLA affiliates unless otherwise stated. Programs are also available by request and can be tailored to the unique needs of individuals and communities. If you would like more information about requesting a program for your organization or department, please contact CARE.

Trauma Informed Yoga Flyer

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Yoga as Healing offers survivors a safe space to gain greater awareness around strength, stability, assertiveness, and mindfulness. Classes will have different themes, focus on various restorative postures, support the nervous system, explore positive affirmations, and will also be coupled with guided activities including de-briefing exercises, journaling, and art. Classes will support survivors in re-connecting with themselves and building community with their peers. Please note this quarter we are offering a specialized series for survivors.

A brief meeting with the Program Director of Trauma-Informed Programs is required in order to participate.​​​​​​

Please check back for future programming


Healing Expressed through Art (HeART)

HeART offers survivors a safe space to explore healing, emotions, and identities creatively through art. We aim to provide a creative community for survivors to heal together, explore emotions, and build support. This program is offered in an in-person format and all materials and supplies will be provided.

Intake with a CARE Advocate is required for participation.

Please check back for future programming

MARC healing program

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Drop-In with MARC

CARE is partnering with the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) to host free mindfulness workshops.This class series provides an introduction to mindfulness and self-compassion practices in a supportive environment.

We'll explore the basics of mindfulness meditation, bringing mindfulness into daily life, working with difficult emotions, and cultivating self-compassion. Through guided practices and discussion, participants will learn practical ways to use mindfulness for self-care.

Please check back for future programming

Hope and Healing Flyer

Hope & Healing

The Hope & Healing series includes mindful exercises, journaling & guided meditation to promote healing at your own pace. Participants can take some time and space during their busy weeks to acknowledge and put into practice the choices we have in our individual healing.

Please check back for future programming

Sensory workshop

Sensory Toolkit Making Workshop

The DIY Sensory Toolkit Making Workshop is a 6-week program facilitated by CARE advocates. Sensory toolkits contain items that can serve to help calm the nervous system when one is feeling overstimulated or triggered. The toolbox will contain things you can see, smell, hear, taste and feel. From making kinetic sand to sewing your own herb pouch, this workshop will allow you to get creative! We will provide various art supplies for each participant to create their own unique and personalized toolkit. Additionally, we will practice the use of the senses in the context of mindfulness and healing.

Please check back for future programming

write to heal

A W(rite) to Heal

A four-week virtual journaling series focusing on healing and empowerment for survivors. A Write to Heal offers a space to safely express emotions, feelings, and thought.

Intake with a CARE Advocate is required for participation.

Please check back for future programming